About the Artist

A native of Chicago, Marsha Godfrey moved with her husband to Northern California more than 20 years ago, leaving her early interest in designing and making jewelry behind. She is a graphic designer for several journals and has produced books, brochures and corporate identity packages. Her interest in the arts, however, has never wavered. She continues to explore art through painting and drawing that help define the mix of textures and colors reflected in her enthusiasm for creating jewelry designs in sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

"Being a graphic designer working with computers, I've learned that simple, clean, classic lines and shapes work with almost anything. Too much clutter and the beauty of the individual beads, the color and shape of the stones, are overpowered by the design."

Combining silver, garnets, amethysts and other semi-precious stones to form a thing of beauty is also a matter of pride for Marsha. Although moderately priced, she makes each piece individually, carefully choosing the right clasp, stones and metal to combine into wearable art. "I wear everything before I sell it. If I don't want to wear it, I don't expect anyone else will," she said, adding that seeing someone wear a piece she's designed gives her more satisfaction and pleasure than any other creative endeavor in which she's ever been involved.